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Falling beyond the scope of commonness is what shauntmax30.com offers today. Every time, buying a new gadget, you see a painfully familiar desktop background, designed by the developers. As a rule, they lack individuality and are a mere market-speak. Luckily, there is always a chance to change regularity to uncanny HD wallpapers wherever you are and absolutely free.

How many electronic gadgets do you have right now and how many of them will you have in a month or two? It might be five or six, at average. Nearly all the devices feature an integrated graphic interface that consists of controls as well as various images. Each vendor offers up to a dozen of default backgrounds, used for different menus & apps. For sure, each modern gadget supports the possibility of installing third-party wallpapers as a substitution for standard desktop images.

The other thing to consider when personalizing computing & telecommunication devices is technical specs. For instance, the latest PC monitors boast unbelievable resolution, brightness, color rendering, viewing angles parameters; hence, it’s feasible to install desktop wallpapers in the highest resolution and of any size. In contrast, the majority of entry-level smartphones/cell phones come with modest specs. Their storage subsystem does not allow downloading images of big sizes, whereas the display usually supports low-resolution graphics.

Those aspects don’t matter when you find a source with a holistic set of options suitable for any device. Our team has gathered only the best wallpapers of different sizes, resolutions and niches to satisfy any whim of the customer. It makes no odds how many gadgets you have or what type of display they come bundled; you’re sure to find appropriate desktop background in the highest quality.

Moreover, our services do not require any sign-up or paid messages. Therefore, you can download Full HD wallpapers with no gates, any time of the day, for wired or mobile devices. To add, there are no limitations as for the number of uploaded images – yet, it’s feasible to switch between different backgrounds every minute.

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Photos that Prove – the Danger is Close

Uploaded by ArtLoversUnited, 2.03.2016

It is useless to tell the people about what is really happening on our planet. These pictures speak convincingly. Although the planet population might not grow, yet the resource use is great, and each day people are one step closer to complete environmental depletion.

The Golden Stone in Burma

Uploaded by Fonixlovag, 15.03.2016

It does not look very safe, does it? It seems that this huge granite boulder is about to roll down and hide somewhere in the vast green expanses. However, the Golden Stone is teetering on the ledge of the cliff for at least a few thousand years.

Thor Peak is the Highest in the World

Uploaded by ArtLoversUnited, 19.03.2016

Mount Thor is a granite cliff which is considered the highest vertical slope in the world. It is the most popular in Canada among the mountains in Arctic Cordillera.

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